The Network of Experts for Sustainable Development of Central Asia

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  Future Activity  
   Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia
   Institute of Equal Rights and Opportunities (Kyrgyzstan)
   BCEOM Engineering Consultants (France)
   Eco-Consent–The Center of assistance to the decision of ecological problems
   Socio-ecological organization “Hayot” (Uzbekistan)
   Resource Analysis (Netherlands)
   Public Policy Research Center
     Fusion 21 (Netherlands)
     Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (Kyrgyzstan)
     Woman club “YNAM” (Turkmenistan)
     Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives in Tajikistan

Office 214, bld.29, Kurmangasy str.
Almaty, 050010, the Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel/Fax: 7(727) 2611906

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