The Network of Experts for Sustainable Development of Central Asia

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1. Bakhyt Yessekina

Dr. of Economics, prof. Coordinator of UNESCAP Project of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Zhumabekova Saltanat

PhD. Deputy Director, Network of Experts for Sustainable Develeopment of Central Asia.

3. Galiyev Seitgali

Dr. of Technical sciences, Vice-president of Kazakh Institute of industrial development (KIDI).

4. Dissembayev Ramil

Chief Specialist of Ecology, Standardization and Certification Department, «ENRC Management KZ».

5. Utarbayeva Zhamilya

PhD., PR-manager, Insurance company "Allianz Kazakhstan"

6. Kanayeva Raushan

Deputy Director of Corporate Development Department, KIMEP.

7. Sapargali Sholpan

Ph.D, Academy of State management under the President of RK.

8. Dyusen Galymzhan

Dr. of Economical sciences, Seniour manager of Kazakh Institute of industrial development (KIDI).

9. Karazhan Erlik

Sustainable Development Manager, North Caspian Operating Company.

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