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Bakhyt Yessekina


Doctor of Economics, Professor. In 1999 to 2001 she was a National coordinator of the First Inter-State Report on indicators testing of sustainable development for the Aral Sea basin, which was successfully presented at 9-th UN CSD (2001). In 2000-2002 she was a Member of the Working group of the preparation UNDP report (National Agenda -21), which was presented during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. In 2003-2010 she was National Coordinator of projects by support Government of Kazakhstan, including “Development Strategy for the formation of competitive clusters in natural-resource sector”, “Improving Governance and Strategic Planning in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Environmental- economic problems in the mineral resources sector” and many international Projects by support ESCAP - “Problems of reducing poverty”; OSCE- “Consequences of WTO accession for Sustainable Development ”; EU- “Formation of system of sustainable development indicators” ; ECOSOC- « Achievement of MDGs in Kazakhstan”; UNESCAP - “National report on integrating of the “Green growth" principals in the strategic planning system”, etc. She has over 100 publications, including 6 monographs , 6-brochures in Kazakh, Russian, English.

Saltanat Zhumabekova

Executive director

PhD in economics. Director of Centre for industrial technologies modernization of Kazakh Institute of industrial development (KIDI), Deputy Director of NESDCA. Took part in base and applied research on sustainable development issues, competitiveness, clasters in mineral-row complex, industrial modernization as well as numerous international projects with UNDP, UNESCAP, UNEP and others. She has 35 publications.

Gulmira Ismagulova

The expert of sustainable development of energy

PhD in economics. Headofthe Ecological-economic Department of the Institute of Economic of the Ministry Education of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Scientific experience – morethan18 years (20 research projects by support of Science Commitee of the Ministry Education and Science,Ministry of Environmental Protection,Agency on Statistic, Informatic –analytical Centre of Akimat of Almaty city, Economics and Budget Planning Department of Akimat of West-Kazakhstan region); international projects with UNDP, UNESCAP, OSCE, SOFRECO and others. She has published 46 publications, including 3 monograph, 5 brochures.

Sholpan Sapargali

The expert on ecological policy

PhD in economics. Director of Department of budgetary investments in Kazakstan Public Private Partnership Center. She had implemented projects in Sustainable Development since 2001 and also has additional experience in socio-economic researches by support of Government of Kazakhstan, UNDP, UNESCAP, UNEP , PPP methodology work, investment projects expertise, public administration education and etc. She has published 27 publications.

Zhamilya Utarbayeva

Public relations expert

PhD in Political Science, MBA. Coordinator of KIMEP International Relations Office. In the field of sustainable development projects since 1998. Worked in the World Bank, the European Commission and UNDP projects. Has experience as national expert to develop TOR for the European Commission projects in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Also has experience in public relations and organization of PR-activities in financial institutions, national development institutions, and PR-agencies. Has more than a dozen publications on sustainable development.

Raushan Kanayeva

The expert on youth policyt

MSc. Deputy Director of KIMEP Corporate Development Department: responsible for fundraising, project and grant management, alumni sector. Participated in realization of a number of projects on sustainable development, including “Development of SD indicators for the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Worked as Member of task force committee on development of Conception of Sustainable Development of Ily-Balkhash basin. Was delegate of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, 2002. Worked in the Swiss Agency on cooperation and development (SDC) on mountain regions development.

Dana Galiyeva

Assistent of Projects

BS in environment.Dissertation on feasibility of micro wind turbines in urban environments, London case study. Environmental Scientist at the Environmental Consultancy LLP. Carried out scientific research on Phytovoltaic solar power, Micro-level wind energy in urban environments, Urban Micrometeorology Modeling project, Fluvial Geomorphololgy fieldtrip in Morocco. Contributed to project work with UNDP, UNEP,UNESCAP as Green Growth policies and tools expert.

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